lol博彩公司JCB has been producing farm machinery since 1945,when Joseph Cyril Bamford built his first farm trailer.They've always understood that,当涉及到农业机械,only the very greatest levels of performance and productivity will do.

That's why lol博彩公司JCB developed specialised farm machinery;agriculturaltelehandlerswere introduced in 1977,agriculturalwheeled loadersin 1983,andFastrac tractorsin 1991.

They've also always believed in using innovation and technology to make their agricultural equipment as efficient as possible.In 2006 lol博彩公司JCB introduced TorqueLock to reduce fuel consumption and increase top speeds.In 2010 lol博彩公司JCB patented Adaptive Load Control to improve safety and stability on our telescopic machines.They've recently introduced LiveLink,a telematics system.

And they're not stopping there with their farm machinery either;they'll carry on developing new solutions,improving and expanding the range to meet our customers' future needs and expectations.